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Every week we curate enterprise IT content and produce a white-label, enterprise IT newsletter service that is designed to help B2B sales reps keep their name and information in front of customers and prospects by providing them with trusted news and insights

IT professionals are busy people. The technology they use to do their job changes at a rapid pace and staying current is a time consuming task.

IT sales professionals want to stay in front of their customers and prospects with valuable information. They want to become known as a “trusted advisor”. Those same sales professionals are also very busy and they don’t want to waste their time or their contact’s precious time by sending them material that is not useful. But what should a sales professional send to their contacts and how? And how will a sales professional find the time to gather the best content?

That’s where MyITNewsletter can help. It is for sales professionals who want to keep their name, picture, contact information and logo in front of their contacts with information that those contacts will read on a regular basis because it is valuable. Thus a sales professional can earn the title, “trusted advisor.”

Each week we select 80 to 100 articles from mainstream IT publications such as ComputerWorld, CIO, NetworkWorld. We send a newsletter with those articles to our 40k+ subscribers and we track which articles are most clicked on. We take the 30 or so most popular articles and make a newsletter that is the basis of MyITNewsletter,  your custom IT newsletter.

Our publication system allows you to select sections with names like Security, Big Data, Cloud, Networking. We post articles into those named sections and, for each subscriber, we only include the sections that you have selected in their email newsletter .

Your custom newsletter is emailed to your contacts automatically.

You can see the current issue with all of the available section enabled:

short articles 

long articles

Here are two sample newsletters: This one has a small amount of content per article. This one has more content per article. Each of your Reader can choose which sections should be included in their copy of the newsletter.

Plans for individuals start at $30/month for a complete, weekly newsletter sent automatically to 250 of your contacts from your address. We also offer plans for teams.

For plan details, or to sign up for a plan, please contact John J. McLaughlin at (954) 324 7867  or email

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